❀I love reading when it rains. I love to laugh in the summer. I love to write exactly what I feel. I love to wear what I please. I love to be in Love.

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boldly-rosy: Hey, I love your blog and I'm changing back to rosy soon, I used to be boldy-rosy and that's what I'm changing back to! Would you mind following? It would mean the world🌺

oh hi!! of course!!! and thank you <33

Very nervous to upload my cover, excuse the quality of the sound, but if you listen to it please tell me what you think!! I would really appreciate it. Also message me if you would like to see this on youtube so that I can give you the link!! xoxoxo

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Hi Darling, I'm Karen♡

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I recently left inacive networks

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"Todo se puede en el amor♡"